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Michelle Paet

S21/EP8 | Aired:
September 24, 2017
An Air Force sergeant is gunned down in his garage revealing an elaborate conspiracy with an unlikely mastermind. (43:52)

Sandy Locklear

S21/EP7 | Aired:
August 17, 2017
The murder of a beloved widower leaves police wondering what secrets his marriage, to his much younger new wife, might be hiding. (43:52)

Notorious: Tupac Shakur

S21/EP6 | Aired:
September 10, 2017
Tupac and Biggie once friends, became embroiled in a collision course that ended in tragedy. Loved ones and insiders give personal accounts of the pivotal six day period between Tupac’s shooting and his tragic death. (01:27:58)

Beatrice Camper

S21/EP5 | Aired:
September 3, 2017
A popular cab-driver is shot dead on the job, but the search for his killer reveals his wife’s secret prison visits, a torrid affair and a possible conspiracy. (43:52)

Notorious: Drew Peterson

S21/EP4 | Aired:
August 25, 2017
An in depth look at the life and crimes of master manipulator, and monster, Drew Peterson. Peterson is currently serving time for the murder of his third wife while the search for his fourth wife Stacy continues. (01:27:37)

Sandra Barajas

S21/EP3 | Aired:
August 20, 2017
A violent home invasion leads to suspicion about the victim’s stepdaughter and a mystery man, but a startling confession reveals a more intimate betrayal. (43:52)

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