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Martha Ann McClancy

S21/EP2 | Aired:
August 13, 2017
A churchgoing southern woman loses her husband to tragedy, but a cloud of suspicion haunts her new marriage and leads investigators to a new conclusion. (43:52)

Eve Nance

S21/EP1 | Aired:
August 6, 2017
When a beloved Wisconsin father disappears, his wife blames drugs, but close friends suspect a violent confrontation that ended a marriage filled with secrets. (43:52)

Kwaneta Harris

S20/EP11 | Aired:
July 30, 2017
A foreclosure leads police to a concrete grave and a twisted plot of deception, fraud and murder, as one woman goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid justice. (43:52)

Rebecca Fenton

S20/EP10 | Aired:
July 22, 2017
A woman finds her husband dead and proclaims her innocence, but questions about his wealth, a suspicious fire and her scandalous past raise red flags. (43:52)

Lisa Graham

S20/EP9 | Aired:
July 16, 2017
In a shocking turn of events, a mother must face her demons when her daughter is left for dead after a vicious murder. (43:52)

Diane Staudte

S20/EP8 | Aired:
July 9, 2017
They say deaths come in three, but when a young woman falls ill after eerily similar deaths of her father and brother, suspicion turns to a family member and the limits of a mother’s love. Episode 2008 (43:52)

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