Summer Essentials: Susie's Watermelon Delight Recipe

Watermelon Delight: aka Summer In A Glass!

Hello Friends!

I wanted to share one of the quickest, most refreshing and yummiest juice recipes I’ve ever made. I’ve been making my own veggie/fruit juices in my Breville Juice Fountain Elite juicer for the past seven years no,  and still love it!

This is a super simple recipe to make that even kids will love…if you got ‘em. I use all organic ingredients because there are fewer pesticides and chemicals used on these farms. So,not only are you not getting that yucky stuff, the ingredients are more flavorful in my opinion.

Susie’s Watermelon Delight


½ of a seedless watermelon (juice the rind too, as it contains all the beneficial chlorophyll…life force energy straight from the sun!)

2 limes (use a knife to cut off the peel so your juice is not bitter)

1/2” of ginger

fresh mint


Put everything, one ingredient at a time, in your juicer, top it off with a sprig of fresh mint and enjoy the refreshing goodness! The above recipe will make enough for 2-3 people.

And feel free to add honey or agave for added sweetness or some tonic water to make a yummy summer spritzer! For those over the age of 21, add some cachaca, rum, or vodka for a fun party cocktail. Also, something tells me some champagne or a little tequila added to my Watermelon Delight would start any BBQ party!

Do you have any great drink recipes for the summer? Do share!



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