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'Tattoos After Dark' Premieres Wednesday, January 1 at 11/10c!

Episode 18 Recap: Hollywood Hard Knocks

Episode 17 Recap: From the Beach to the Streets

Episode 16 Recap: Face The Fear

Episode 15 Recap

Episode 15 Recap: Late Night Horror

Episode 14 Recap: Commitment

113 Recap

Episode 13 Recap: The Skin You're In

Episode 12 Recap: Bad Boys

Episode 11 Recap: Love and Pain

Crisis averted.

Episode 10 Recap: Bad Girls

That's a sticky situation!

Episode 9 Recap

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Episode 8 Recap

'Tattoos After Dark' Will Return in May....

This guy wants a Jesus punk rock tattoo, natch.

Episode 7 Highlights: Punk Rock Jesus, Grappler Chick, Playboy Mansion Sisters & MORE!

These kids are running from the law!

Episode 6 Highlights: The Man Meat Guy, the Lady with Gears on Her Face, and the Marriage Proposal

Stop everything! Disco Dolly needs a tattoo NOW!

Episode 5 Highlights: Disco Dolly, The "Blessed" Face Tattoo, The Pregnant Lady & MORE! (PHOTOS)

This couple (of 3 months!) wants matching tats.

Episode 4 Highlights: 71 Leg Piercings, MILF & Cookies, the "Love Life" Guy and More! (PHOTOS)

Pretty girl wants a piercing!

Episode 3 Highlights: Corset Piercings, Burlesque Dancers and a Fire Eater in Drag! (PHOTOS)

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4 More Crazy Tattoo Stories

Heroin Bob (the cat) gets a b-day present: his face tattooed on "mom's" arm.

Episode 2: Browse the Highlights! (PHOTOS)

Q&A with the Guy with the Bat Face Tattoo: Apparently, Women Love It

Drunk lady wants a tattoo of her boyfriend!

Premiere Highlights: Bat Face Tattoo, Butt Piercing, Creepy Daddy/Daughter Ink...and MORE! (PHOTOS)

Fun Facts About the 'Tattoos After Dark' Crew

Whatchu talkin 'bout, Angel?!

He Tattooed Drake AND Ray J! Meet Angel (PHOTOS)

Happy Holidays from Taylor!

Meet the Manager, Big T (PHOTOS)

Joe welcomes you to La La Land!

Meet Joe! But You Can Call Him "Jersey" (PHOTOS)

Justin is rocking out!

He's Got Ink AND Bass Skills! Meet Justin Coppolino (PHOTOS)

Hey Friday!

Meet Friday Jones, Tattooer to the Stars! (PHOTOS)

Hey Asaru!

For Asaru, It's All About the Ink (PHOTOS)

Cute kitty bathroom selfie!

Watch Out, He's Got a (Piercing) Gun!

Christine puts the rest of our selfies to shame.

Pretty AND Talented? Meet Christine Barnum (PHOTOS)

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Quiz! Name That Celebrity Piercing


10 Most Regrettable Celebrity Tattoos

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Joe Jersey Meinwieser

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Christine Barnum

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Asaru Mushavu

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Justin Coppolino

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Friday Jones

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Chris Saint

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Taylor Graaf

Meet the Cast of 'Tattoos After Dark': Angel Bazzar Garcia

'Tattoos After Dark' Premieres Wednesday, January 1 at 11/10c!

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Tattoos After Dark holds nothing back as cameras capture the late-night chaos that goes down when incredibly talented artists converge with outrageous clients.  From the guy who comes in asking for a bat tattoo on his face to a couple who wants matching tattoos to express their undying love even though they just met that night… you never know who will stumble in, or what they will look like walking out.

It’s a wild ride in the premiere episode as scorned lover Katrina comes to Hollywood looking for 26 dermal piercings in the shape of eyes after she learns her boyfriend of 16 years has cheated. Meanwhile a couple with the most bizarre relationship comes in looking for matching tattoos – leaving the tattoo artists speechless and a little uneasy when they find out they are father and daughter.



Asaru Mushavu @Asaru75
A California native, Asaru has only been tattooing for two years, but has already proven to be one of House of Ink’s most talented artists and biggest money-makers. Although he has a flirtatious nature at work to help lure in his female clients, Asaru’s daughter is the leading lady in his life. While he occasionally shows his silly side when goofing off with Joe, he is one of the most mature guys at the shop. Prior to becoming a permanent inker, Asaru tapped his passion for art in graphic design and comic book artistry.

Joe “Jersey” Meinwieser @Jersey_513
Joe grew up in the Garden State and got his start in the industry by cleaning a local tattoo parlour in exchange for free ink and a chance at an apprenticeship. With five years of experience, this relative youngster is always game for late-night trickery and to jokingly trash talk his co-workers. He has strong Jersey roots with little-to-no filter and an outgoing personality. Joe will be the first to say “hell no” to an outlandish tattoo request and always contributes to a fun work environment. Naturally attracted to older women, he is constantly teased by Asaru and Christine. Besides working at LA’s House of Ink, he also works at Tattooville in Toms River and Linden, NJ. Joe’s roots are in traditional east coast tattooing specifically, the Coleman technique.

Christine Barnum @christinebarnum
Christine is a brunette bombshell from Chino Hills, CA with a spitfire personality. She believes the inking industry is primarily male-dominated and wants to change the stereotype. Christine is willing to take risks in her work hoping it will encourage other women in male-driven industries to do the same. Always looking to create a lively work environment, Christine is seen as one of the guys and is confident that she can tattoo anything they can.


Chris Saint @saintpiercing
Born and raised in England, Chris moved to Hollywood in 2007 to restart his piercing career. With more than eight years of experience, Chris considers himself on the cutting edge of the piercing industry. He splits his time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and is always trying to reach new heights through his work. One of the most straight-laced of the bunch, he is professional with his clients and takes great pride in his work. An expert in his field, Chris focuses on precision, creativity and presentation.

Friday Jones @LadyFriday
With more than 20 years of tattooing experience under her belt, Friday has built a clientele of celebrities including supermodel/actress Lydia Hearst, “Rizzoli & Isles” star Angie Harmon and actress/singer Aubrey O’Day, among others. She has been instrumental in the tattoo industry and a breakout for women tattoo artists. Friday is known for her fine art and detailed craftsmanship and prides herself on the personal experience she provides her clients while inking them.

Taylor “Big T” Graaf @Bigt_Ink
Manager of Ink Kandy since 2010, “Big T” is a 24-year-old SoCal native. Working right off Hollywood Boulevard, he has seen it all-- from crazy late-night antics to young and restless tattoo wannabes-- and loves every bit of it. With a larger-than-life personality, Big T always wants in on the latest scoop and tends to get involved in the drama in and out of the shop.

Justin Coppolino @Justintattoo
A master of many trades, Justin has been tattooing for eight years and is also a musician and lead singer of a band with his twin brother. Originally from Philly, he is a buttoned up guy with a light-hearted, playful side who is still in awe by the craziness of the late-night Hollywood clientele. Justin is passionate about tattooing and skilled in a wide range of styles, but most commonly sticks to new school and neo-traditional.

Angel “Bazzar” Garcia @BazzarONE
Bazzar loves working in the heart of the Hollywood craziness and lives by the motto “their blood is our block.” He has been tattooing for more than a decade and has been working at Ink Kandy for five years. Bazzar has been known for going out to the clubs and bringing back crowds of people to get late-night tattoos. He is the life of the party and his personality is infectious. He treats everyone that walks through the shop doors like family and recently tattooed hip-hop artist Drake. 

Check out a sneak peek of the new series:

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Best Ink is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions, a Banijay Group company, with Jonathan Murray, Gil Goldschein, and Rick deOliveira serving as executive producers and Erin Cristall, Lisa Fletcher, and Zach Kozek serving as co-executive producers.

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