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15 Fashion Tips from 'The Face'

Tiana Zarlin, The face

Tiana: I Did NOT Expect to Win!

Alana Wins 'The Face' Fan Favorite!

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Nigel: "All Three Girls Looked Breathtaking"

Lydia: "Ray Is on the Cusp of Greatness"

The Face Finale Recap: The Winner Is Fekkai Fabulous!

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Anne V: 'The Face' Changed My Life

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Did the Right Girl Win 'The Face'? Vote in the Poll!

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'The Face' Episode 9 Recap: Face To The Finish

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Nigel: It's All Up to Frederic Fekkai Now!

Lydia: Ray Should Have Won this Week

Anne V: It's Terrible That Felisa Quit!

Felisa and Ray

Vote: Should Felisa Have Fought to Stay?

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The Face Episode 8 Recap: Diamonds are a Model's Best Enemy

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Susie Says: These Boots Were NOT Made for Walkin'

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Lydia Hearst: The Competition is Between the Mentors, Too

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Nigel: It's Anybody's Competition Now

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Anne V: I Have a Bone to Pick With Lydia Hearst

Tiana Amanda 208 Elimination

Amanda vs. Tiana: Who Would You Eliminate?

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Rooftop Shots: Afiya Bennett (11 PHOTOS)

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'The Face' Episode 7 Recap: The Models Bare Their Souls (And Asses)

Lydia Hearst, The Face

Lydia: "It's About Time Team Lydia Won!"

Nigel Barker

Nigel: In Fashion, Sex Sells

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Anne V: I Disagree With Eliminating the Strongest Models

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Felisa vs. Sharon: Who Would You Eliminate?

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'The Face' Episode 6 Recap: Our Little Models Are Finally Becoming Men!

Amanda vs. Khadisha: Who Would You Eliminate?

Nigel: Wearing a Suit Doesn't Make You a Man

Anne V: Khadisha Is a Great Model But She Bombed Every Challenge

It's Rupaul!

Episode 6 Highlights: Man Up, Modeltestants! (PHOTOS)

The Face Episode 5 Recap: Is Naomi Campbell Starting To Get Anne-V-Ous?

Lydia: "I'm Done Nurturing"

Anne V: I Hate to Boast, But My Team is Kicking Ass!!!!

Allison vs. Felisa: Who Would You Eliminate?

Allison isn't thrilled about the dance challenge.

Episode 5 Highlights: Dance, Modeltestants, Dance! (PHOTOS)

Nigel: Allison's Lack of Confidence Got Her Eliminated

'The Face' Turns Into a FACE OFF Between Naomi Campbell And Anne V

Allison Millar. (Photo: Zev Schmitz for Oxygen)

Rooftop Shots: Allison Millar (20 PHOTOS!)

'The Face' Episode 4 Recap: And the Oscar Goes To... No One

The modeltestants have to come up with an Alex & Ani jewelry commercial.

Episode 4 Highlights: "Ra-fae-lian!" (PHOTOS)

Anne V: Allison Looks Like a Big-Time Model. Now, Can She Act Like One?

15 Fashion Tips from 'The Face'

In sticking with our "It Takes A Village" theme, The Face has partnered with fashion experts from ELLE Magazine as well as fashionable brands like Pamella Roland and bag-maker-extraordinaire Liebeskind Berlin. Here are 15 fashion tips from the pros and don't forget to watch Naomi Campbell and crew Wednesdays at 10/9c!!

It's always better to be overdressed than underdressed. -- Danielle Prescod, ELLE Magazine Fashion Editor, @danielleprescod
Don't be afraid to mix and match unexpected items. -- Megan Cahn, Market Editor, @Megcahn
Every woman's wardrobe should include a spirited, true red. -- Pamella DeVos, President and Designer of Pamella Roland
Nude heels go with almost every look. -- Pamella DeVos
Wear a solid color when you're getting headshots taken. -- Pamella DeVos
When it comes to your handbag, size does matter. -- Liebeskind Berlin
Dress up any winter outfit with a pair of heeled boots. -- Pamella DeVos
Always stylish: black ankle boots, jeans, & leather jackets. -- Megan Cahn@Megcahn
Clench a bulky coat with a belt for a slimmer look. -- Pamella DeVos
A white-T: classic, season-less, goes with everything. -- Ruthie Friedlander, Deputy Web Editor
Spice up your little black dress with statement shoes. -- Pamella DeVos
Add a new bag to your wardrobe each season. -- Liebeskind Berlin
Don’t overdo the hair and makeup when you're on the red carpet. -- Pamella DeVos
Nothing is too casual if worn with the right jewelry. -- Megan Cahn@Megcahn
Neutral is for sissies, wear a bold-colored handbag! -- Liebeskind Berlin


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