Everyone Is Obsessed With These Corset Braids

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Corsets are this season's hottest trend but they aren't just for fashion. Corset braids are the newest braids that everyone is obsessed about.


According toĀ Hello Giggles, corsetĀ braids made a huge splash at Lesley Hampton show atĀ Vancouver Fashion Week. The intricate corset braids are double braidsĀ held together with interwoven ribbon. The doubleĀ plaits look very similar to a waist-cinching garment andĀ the result is a pretty look straight out of the Victorian Era.Ā Marie ClaireĀ already predicts that the Kardashians and Jenners will be all over this trend.


So how do you get this look? Although the braids look complicated, there's a DIY tutorial video to try out corset braids for yourself. Will you give it a go or give it a pass?

[Photo: Instagram]

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