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Convicted Child Killer Slain In Oklahoma Prison, Allegedly By Cellmate Serving 14 Life Sentences

Aaron Stone, who took a family hostage and assaulted them back in 2011, is accused of killing Riley Walker. 

By Jax Miller
Aaron Stone Riley Walker Pd

A man serving 14 life sentences is suspected of killing a convicted child killer in an Oklahoma prison, according to officials.

On Monday morning, staff members at the Lawton Correctional Facility discovered inmate Riley Walker, 29, dead in his cell, according to a release from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. His cellmate, Aaron Stone, allegedly confessed to the murder.

“Inmate Aaron Stone confessed to the killing of cellmate Riley Walker,” the release stated. “Staff immediately responded, secured Stone, and confirmed Walker’s death.”

Aaron Stone, 43, was convicted in 2011 for taking a family hostage in Lawton, Oklahoma, where he raped a woman at gunpoint while her daughter lay nearby, according to News 9. When the woman’s husband came home, Stone tied him up and beat him.

Stone also threatened the 6-year-old daughter and shot and killed the family dog, according to ABC’s KSWO 7 News.

He was apprehended three days later after a one-hour standoff during which Stone barricaded himself in a storage facility. According to the U.S. Marshals Service, the attack wasn’t random – Stone was a former cellmate of the Lawton woman’s brother, KSWO reported.

Law enforcement officials who arrested Stone spoke about the emotional factor of the case.

“I think any police officer in the U.S., or even the world, when you start talking about [the] victims [of a] crime being an entire family, that makes it extremely more personal, cause you can sit there and relate,” U.S. Marshal A.D. Templeton told KSWO. “Would you want this person coming in your house and do this to your wife and children?”

Stone was convicted on three counts of kidnapping, two counts of first-degree rape, four counts of forcible sodomy, three counts of pointing a firearm, one count of first-degree robbery, and one count of animal cruelty.

He was sentenced to 14 life sentences.

“This guy got everything he deserved,” said prosecutor William Riley after the 2011 verdict was read, according to KSWO.

Now, investigators say Stone killed his cellmate, Riley Walker.

Riley Walker was serving life without parole for the 2011 murder of his 14-month-old daughter, Jalissa L. Walker, according to The Ada News.

Jalissa lay dead in her bed for several hours before authorities were notified, according to an autopsy report cited by The Oklahoman

Walker claimed to trip and fall with the baby, rendering her unresponsive. He placed Jalissa back in her crib and tucked her in “because he was scared,” according to The Oklahoman.

Walker later admitted to beating, shaking, and squeezing the child when she wouldn’t stop crying.

The child’s mother found her daughter dead later that evening.

A medical examiner found a four-inch skull fracture and bruises covering Jalissa’s body. A healed collar bone injury was previously blamed on Jalissa’s older brother, the Oklahoman reported.

The official cause of death was blunt force head trauma.

Walker pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, taking the death penalty off the table, according to The Ada News.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections has not released how Walker died in prison. On Friday, Oklahoma Department of Corrections Director Scott Crow ordered a statewide lockdown due to increasing gang violence across several facilities, according to a release. Officials noted, however, that the incident involving Stone and Riley “appears unrelated to last week’s incidents.”

The investigation into Walker’s murder is still under investigation.

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