Beauty and brains are equally important

If I told you my secret to being fabulous, Id have to kill you. The most fabulous in the office is moi. Dianne for sure has the best fashion sense in the office. When Im not in the office, my favorite things to do are drinking cocktails and swimming with friends. Beauty and brains are equally important. You need to have both because damn womans biggest beauty mistake is overdone make-up. Duh Im a drama queen, cuz 20 minutes is enough time to get the drama going. There is no particular part of my body that is most important to me. My body is important to me as a whole. Cher has the best plastic surgery! I think everyone could use some Botox. Nothing looks better than a paralyzed face. If I could look like a famous person I would want to look like Angelina Jolie. If I could date a famous person I would like to date Bruno.

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