I am so DONE with Dianne.

Dianne acted like a jealous high school girl..."well how about you just don't come to the party!" I just made a simple suggestion and she lost it. To be honest, I would rather not waste my night off at Dianne's house. Dianne believed she could handle the party all by herself, but that didn't happen. I heard the party was unorganized. Dianne has never had to really "host" one of her parties because her staff does everything to plan an event. Maybe next time she should choose her words wisely.The icing on the cake with being "done" with Dianne when the presentation we put together for Dr. Lee was a disaster. At that moment I realized I had to come up with an idea and QUICK. We never go out in the community and we always have clients come to us. A light came on in my head: we should go out into the community to promote Changes. I am not trying to get a star on the best ideas board, I just wanted to save our jobs. Dianne did not come up with the idea that Dr. Lee loved and it just proves how much Dianne does not know what she is doing. By taking my idea as her own just shows how intimidated Dianne is by me!

I thought the Naughty/Nice comment box was a waste of time. What kind of constructive criticism will the staff get from a comment box? NONE! I am sure I rolled my eyes a thousand times during that dinner. Dianne used the comment box to pick on her staff. I mean how many times can you tell Ronnie his hair is too blonde or that I am "Lil Miss Entitlement"?The blow out with Dianne was way overdue. I had enough! When Dianne told me that I was fired I wanted to laugh in her face. Dr. Lee obviously had no idea that she had done this. Dr. Lee knows that Dianne has not fulfilled any of her commitments to Dr. Lee and Changes. As Ronnie always says, "Dianne is only as good as her staff!" What would I say to Dianne now? Good luck with your future endeavors.

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