I gave Dianne some advice before her date.

By permanenteditor
I was honestly scared seeing my mother after surgery, because of all the bandages that she was wearing, and you know the waking up out of anesthesia. Hearing the doctor yell, Breathe for me Linda." is F*CKING SCARY! The surgery is one thing, but the waking up part is what scares me. I didn't necessarily think she needed surgery, however my mom wanted to look like how she feels in the inside and that's her younger self. She looks fabulous now and did great recovering from the surgery! Dr. Lee did an excellent job.Moving on to Dianne's date preparation, all I have to say is that her closet is insane! It's seriously bigger than my last apartment. It just reminds me of one of those little expensive boutiques you walk into on Prospect St, and it made it very easy for all of us to go through all the clothes/jewelry to pick out for her to wear. I gave Dianne some advice before her date: she should dress really sexy, and to have a good ol' time! Of course with that advice, I candidly advised her to get so wasted that she had bubbles coming out of her mouth, and that she'd score more points with her date if she loses a shoe in the process.
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