I think Dr. Lee was just fed up with the entire staff.

So, Natasha's gone from the pajama VIP party... was my left arm just cut off??? Who am I supposed to go to if I have questions? If something goes wrong? Dianne? She cant even apply lipstick by herself! UGH! I wish Natasha had been there. However, Im SO PROUD of her for standing up for herself!!! YOU GO NATASHA!!! Later that week, Dianne accused ME of screwing up and losing 50 mascaras! I watch that inventory like a hawk! I was in charge of ordering the cosmetic line- I was in charge of all the products. There was NO WAY I could loose that amount of product! Then I find out that Dianne was the culprit! Not only was she the culprit, but she also tried to HIDE it from the rest of the staff and me! Way to be a "team player" Dianne!!! One word comes to mind to conclude the "mascara incident".... B*TCH!!!! And if you were wondering... Dianne never apologized, and never confessed to me personally that they were found in her trunk. She just gave them back to me to be re-inventoried like they appeared out of thin air! The Naughty and Nice dinner was so awkward... I mean, how comfortable can you feel when you see a box filled to the brim with "naughty comments" and the "nice comment" box was about one fourth of the way full? I was told my hair was too blonde, yellow, spiky, and that I was too tan, orange, bronzed, etc. It was all about my looks and so superficial. Instead, let's talk job descriptions, shall we??? When Natasha was fired from Changes, I was outraged! She is such an amazing girl inside and out, and such a hard worker. When we went to Dr. Lee to plead our case, and to also get Natasha's job re-instated, I think Dr. Lee was just fed up with the entire staff. He just decided to let go of ALL the drama, and that's why were gone. What a way to stick up for the "Face of Changes" and the actual working staff. Thank you for watching, for those of you who loved and supported. I offer my thanks, and my love! xoxo, Ronnie

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