My stress level is through the roof!!

I try not to interfere in anyones business, but when it affects my staff's morale, my patients outlook on our practice, and Dr. Lee's reputation I feel I need to step in, so I had a talk with Dr. Lee. I have an obligation to run Dr. Lee's practice to the best of my ability. It is also up to Dianne and her staff to do the same -- not make fools of us by bickering and fighting all the time making the office look like a THREE RING CIRCUS. Watching them day in and day out is very tiring and I can no longer let it go on. My stress level is through the roof!! My conversation with Dr. Lee was in regards to how unprofessional the Spa is from Dianne right down to Gary. I felt it was my responsibility to let him know that Dianne and her staff are extremely unprofessional even in front of our patients and I could not let it go on any longer. I felt that if we let this kind of behavior continue it was going to jeopardize what we as a team have worked so hard for. I have asked Dr. Lee to have a talk with Dianne and put an end to the games or I think they need to say "bye-bye."

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