Krystal on Episode 2: Fans and Foes

Stephanie had an issue with me from the very beginning. The moment we met she had an attitude towards me (even if she does try and play it off at certain times). Why, I'm not exactly sure. I guess she doesn't like the fact that I'm a "new" friend of Aubrey's. The night of the Twitter party, she didn't like that Sean and I were talking while getting a drink in the kitchen.

She came in from outside upset and I think wanting to start a fight or argument with me. She got more upset when she realized Sean was talking to me about their relationship (or more so complaining about it). My whole life people have always naturally opened up to me so I didn't think anything of it when we were chatting, but this apparently really bothered Stephanie. I mean, Sean is a nice guy but he's very metrosexual and I would never go for a friend's man (or a situation like that), and to top it off he's not my type in the least bit. If she knew me she'd think nothing of it but since she didn't really know me at that point, she was angry (but I don't know if she was actually angry with me or if she was in disbelief that her boyfriend would be opening up to me about issues within their relationship. I mean Sean didn't really know me but I'll listen if someone wants to talk). Her reaction seemed to be a reaction of insecurity. To me it came off as if there must be some underlying issues within their relationship. When she started coming at me, I reacted. I said things back and when she threw the drink on me, I really reacted. I couldn't believe she would do that. I probably didn't react in the best way and could've handled it differently, but I also wasn't going to just sit there and not say anything back.

BLOG: Get Stephanie's side of the story by reading her blog.

I felt really bad that Aubrey was upset about our fight during her Twitter party. It was neither the time nor the place and I didn't react to Stephanie in the best way. I know how much Aubrey's fans mean to her and it felt awful that we embarrassed her.

VIDEO: See exactly what went down at Aubrey's Twitter party here.

Well I guess if we want to stay in line with the terms...I'm Aubrey's "AFF" (After Fame Friend) and Stephanie is her "BFF" (Before Fame Friend). Stephanie grew up with her and I am her newer friend. I think Aubrey and I relate on some things more than her and Stephanie and vice versa. Just because relationships within various friendships differ, doesn't mean one or another is right or wrong. That's why have different types of friends. They contribute something different to our lives as we do to theirs.

Rico is kinda crazy but he's great. He is very funny and very entertaining. He is good comic relief. But I also felt he was a little lost within his place in Aubrey's life and her in his. I thought it was pretty entertaining going to the lesbian club with Aubrey and her dad. Going with her dad alone was bound to be entertaining.

Based on Rico and my conversation, what he said, the look in his eyes, and his body language, I could tell he felt bad about his relationship with Aubrey. He wishes things could've been different when Aubrey was younger. He just felt she would have a better life if he wasn't really involved. All of his stories are from when she was really young, but he loves to tell them. He's just disconnected, but he does love her.

I don't know if Aubrey and her father’s relationship can be rebuilt. And if there is any slight possibility, I think it would take a lot of time but then I don't even know. I get it too. I don't speak to my biological father anymore and haven't in thirteen years and I am completely fine with it. I would actually prefer it that way. It’s easier for me. My life is actually much better without him in it. But I also have an amazing Dad (my Stepdad). I hate to even say step because it doesn't even apply. He is my dad and he's been in my life since I was three. Aubrey doesn't have that. It makes me feel even worse for her. That's why I don't know how they could begin to repair it. I mean it would take a lot more forgiveness and a lot more forgetting of hurt on Aubrey's part. It’s very hard. I don't blame her for how she feels towards her dad. I think oftentimes people forget that she was the child in the situation. There is just a certain protocol for parents...even just the basics. Some parents lack it and some excel. It’s such a tough situation.

**and to revisit...I think this is something that differs in mine and Aubrey's friendship verses hers and Stephanie's. I can understand and relate a little more when it comes to this situation.**

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