Krystal on Episode 3: Aubrey v. Perez

It can be a little difficult at times to balance my role as Aubrey’s assistant and her friend. I thought that hanging out in the sauna with Aubrey was funny! It was a little much but kinda funny overall. Not my deal and never again haha! I mean I like boys—to each their own but boys it is for me. Or shall I say a man it is for me...and yes, there's a large difference between boys and a true man.

It can be a little difficult at times to balance my role as Aubrey’s assistant and her friend. We're friends first so being her assistant and helping her can be a little bit of a struggle. We do pretty well though. Overall it’s fine but sometimes she likes to try and be funny and do her whiny voice and then ask these crazy things of me or try and boss me around. I humor her much as I can and our banter at times can be fairly entertaining.

VIDEO: Check out the crazy task that Aubrey asked Krystal to help her with here!

I was shocked when the photo of me and Aubrey was posted all over Twitter and online tabloids. It was extremely unexpected and NOT something I'm used to. Being on the various blogs was a little crazy. I had various people contacting me about it and various opinions being given. It also was a little controversial, so that was something different for me as well. It’s insane the things people come up with to say. I mean all of a sudden I was Aubrey's new lesbian lover...hahaha! Makes me laugh that people even came up with that to begin with. Furthest thing from the truth.

It was slightly amusing but slightly ridiculous when Jasen and Cesar clashed at Aubrey’s wardrobe fitting. I think they just both want the G-Hub spot and they're a little competitive. They both think they know what's best for Aubrey and don't want to bend or give in at all. I love them both so it all kind of made me chuckle a bit.

I was SO happy for Aubrey in her first solo performance! She did an amazing job. I know how important that performance was for her...her first time as a solo artist and she killed it. The crowd received her so well too. The feeling in the room overall was incredible. She proved to herself that she could do it alone. I was proud of her. All the preparation and lead-up to it was all more than worth it. Aubrey has that star power and she proved that at Cherry Pop!

VIDEO: See a snippet of Aubrey performing her single, "Goodbye Heartbreak."

**And for something a little different than usual, I leave you all with this...

Let's dare to think some bold new thoughts, trust life a little more, unlearn some things we've been taught. Don't be of afraid of living and merely exist...take some risks sometimes; it’s not a bad thing. Positive Movements Forward!

Positive Movements Forward is a little saying I created for myself, which has now become a lifestyle for myself and it’s caught on with many of my friends too. Apply in all aspects of life. No matter what you’re doing, keep PMF in mind. It’s helped my mentality in so many situations

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