Stephanie on Episode 2: Fans and Foes

I was really hurt by the way Krystal treated me at the Twitter party. When I first met her, she seemed sweet and like she wanted to make a genuine effort to befriend me and the other girls. After talking to her more, I got a sense that she was either jealous of my relationship with Sean or didn’t like me for some reason. At the Twitter party, she went out of her way to get Sean alone and talk to him privately.

The LAST thing you do when you’re new to a group is isolate yourself with someone’s boyfriend. It was like she WANTED to get into a fight with me. She should have been getting to know me and the others instead. She was not making smart choices and when I confronted her about it making me uncomfortable, instead of being respectful and apologizing and stopping, she lashed out at me and started yelling, calling me names and judging my relationship. Sean and I do not have a perfect relationship but it makes it even harder when there are girls out there like Krystal waiting for an opportunity to start a fight in your relationship. I am also disappointed in Sean for putting me in that situation. He is a very outgoing nice guy and sometimes I think his actions are mistaken for flirting.


I completely understand that Aubrey felt embarrassed and upset due to the scene that was caused at her party and looking back on it, I should have waited to address the issue or done so with Krystal privately. I don’t fight with girls or cause drama. It was a poor judgment call on my part. Sean and I had a rough week and I was overly emotional.


The length of a friendship matters a lot—friends come and go and the ones you make as a child are the strongest. My relationship with Aubrey is one that goes back many years and has had many ups and downs. We have known each other since childhood and have watched each other grow and change through the years. There is no replacement for a friendship you have had for that long. I think that the appeal that Krystal has to Aubrey is that Aubrey gets to be whoever she wants with Krystal and you can’t do that with people you have known since high school. They know the real you and won’t let you get away with as much. Krystal doesn’t hold Aubrey to the standards that longtime friends would, so I think that it might be easier at times for Aubrey to talk to Krystal about things and get the answers she is looking for. When you ask a friend that you go wayyyyyyy back with for advice, they are able to take everything they know about you into consideration in order to give the soundest advice possible. Krystal is what I call a “YES” friend—you call this friend when you want to hear them agree with you no matter what you’re saying. She tells Aubrey what she wants to hear to get in good with her.

VIDEO: See what happened when Aubrey hosted the OxygenLive: Obsessed video chat with bff Stephanie for the premiere.

I do think it is important to be friendly with Krystal for Aubrey’s sake. We have all been there—you have two friends that don’t get along and it just makes everything that much harder. Not all your friends are going to get along or love one another, but if you respect your friends, then you should respect their friends. Obviously Aubrey sees something in Krystal so that’s enough for me to make an effort with her as well. As long as Krystal has the best intentions with Aubrey and steers clear of Sean, I’m all set! ha ha :)


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