Kyle Focuses On Himself (ATRM, Ep. 107)

By Kyle Arm

The premiere performance was my favorite performance ever because of the energy and excitement. There were no expectations, and all my friends were part of it. It's not typical that you get a standing ovation after the first act. We were all pretty ecstatic when the audience jumped up after the first act. The best part of the Shaping Sound after party was seeing all of these people that I have met over the course of these last six months and old friends alike raving about how awesome the performance was. It was definitely an added bonus to see Alana.

Teddy started rehearsals for Misery Loves Company so soon after the Shaping Sound premiere because he was on a time crunch with his director and production company. The Shaping Sound performance had already gotten moved back to accommodate our dancers’ schedules. I felt extremely tired from the process with Shaping Sound and I knew that I wasn't going to be able to focus all my energies toward MLC. I think Teddy has some phenomenal ideas when it comes to movement. I really enjoyed that MLC rehearsal and I think that there are going to be some amazing dance scenes in this project. But, I quit MLC because I needed more time to focus on myself and my personal endeavors. Since the word "GO" I moved out to LA to help my friends start their dance company. It has finally become apparent to me that it is necessary for my happiness to set my own goals out here and start working towards them. I can't give my friends every minute and ounce of energy that I have. I was hoping Teddy would understand.

When Travis started talking about his own solo career opportunities, I felt like an idiot for not pursuing my individual endeavors for so long. I had put such a high priority on something I have no stake in. But it was exciting to be creating a music video for Ingrid Michaelson. I love her early music and I was overall very pleased with what we came up with in the end.

I felt a bit annoyed that I had to initiate the conversation with Teddy about my role in Shaping Sound. Teddy had told me that we were starting a dance company. I arrived to find that in fact Travis, Nick, and Teddy would be the ones "starting the company." I definitely received some false information along the way. I brought up The Kiss because it was a similar situation in a lot of ways. Teddy told me something was up but didn't tell me the depth of it until later. It seemed to be becoming a recurring theme in our friendship.

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