Kyle on ATRM 103: I was in total disbelief.

By Kyle Arm


I met Noelle when I first moved out to LA in a dance class at The Edge. We had met originally at a dance competition years before that, but it wasn’t until that dance class that we got back in touch. When we went out to the bar with Teddy, I was a little concerned when she decided to stay behind. But I wasn’t too worried since she was hanging out with our group of friends. I certainly didn’t suspect that anything was up.

When Teddy told me about his kiss with Noelle, I was in total disbelief. Firstly, I was shocked that he hadn’t told me about it when we talked the morning after it happened. Then secondly, I was shocked that he was telling me right before I was about to leave to go on a date with Noelle.

Will Kyle and Teddy’s friendship survive this? Tune in next week for a SO new episode of All The Right Moves to find out! Then check back after to read Kyle’s thoughts.

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