Elliot on Episode 8: Barbie Bachelorette Gets a Surprise Wedding

My first impressions of Lauren and her friends were that they were definitely from Miami haha, so it was gonna be party time for this group.

I felt honestly like Marcela was acting up a little bit, maybe a little attention-seeking. But then when JROC and I spoke to her, we could see she was serious. At that point it was just about convincing her that this weekend wasn't about her, but if she made it about her, it would ruin it.

For the surprise wedding, my only worry was that Alex and his best man were going to run into the group. Even after I told them to stay in their room, I knew they wouldn't…I needed to be able to lock that room because that would have ruined the whole plan! In the morning though when we were on the way to Paris, it felt like everything was slipping into place and I knew it was going to be great.


The surprise wedding was the perfect way for them to end the weekend, in the place where Alex proposed to her. I mean, it brought a tear to my eye much to the amusement of Jon and JROC, but I think we did good on this one. :)

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