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I take over and ensure that they will have the best three days of partying in their lives. My story of how I ended up working as a VIP event planner at the Palms goes like this. I was adopted at birth by Shaolin monks, who worked undercover in the back streets of Las Vegas. I was then trained in the use of the English accent and placed in a small wicker basket on the doorstep of The Palms on my 21st birthday.

The best party I’ve ever thrown was when I organized and DJ’d at a party on the top deck of a private super yacht in Ibiza at sunset. It was one of the best nights I ever had because I woke up on the boat in a different country. The party started in one country and finished in another!

Also, I once looked after a rather well know heavyweight champion boxer at The Palms...and his tiger.

When it comes to bachelorette parties, I only ask the bachelorettes two questions to help plan their dream party. First I ask how much fun they want to have, and the second question is how far they want to take it. Then I take over and ensure that they will have the best three days of partying in their lives. The biggest stress for me is having to resist any temptations thrown my way...during working hours!!

Here’s what goes into planning a bachelorette party:
1 x Gushing Bride to Be
8 x Horny, Sexy Female best friends
1 x Call to myself and the VIP Team
24 x Bottles of tequila
1 x Well-endowed and fully waxed male stripper
1 x SkyVilla at the Palms Hotel
3 x Days and Nights of incredible Vegas excess
15 x Top class nightclubs in
5 square miles
0 x photographic evidence

There is no big secret to bottle service…people like to party, people like to drink, so always tip your waitress. =)

Top 10 party planning tips
1.Bring your A-game to the pre-game
2.Make sure any pets are left with plenty of food in case of a 2-3 day Vegas party blackout
3.Always arrive a little late and leave a little early
4.Gentleman pack your wallets and ladies pad your bras accordingly
5.Always tip your VIP host generously and remember, a host is for life not just for Christmas =)
6.Choose your venue wisely giving due consideration to music, DJ's and male to female ratio
7.Gentleman-ensure strict hygiene procedures are followed throughout the night in case of unforeseen success
8.Gentleman-when out hunting, under no circumstances should you EVER ignore the ugly one of the group
9.Ladies-under no circumstances panic when cell phone is lost - it WILL be in your handbag
10.Ensure that your post-party snack attack is rich in one or more of the three most important food groups: saturated chicken fat, minced mexican mountain goat, a small bucket of processed cheese

Top 10 party playlist
1.Eric Prydz - 2night
2.Digitaline – Africa
3.Jamie Woon - Lady Luck (Luciano remix)
4.Pryda – Mirage
5.Cirez D - On Off
6.Okain - Where is Monday
7.Stefano Noferini – Fact
8.Pleasurekraft - Tarantula (Uner remix)
9.Avicii – Levels
10.Butch - Big Futt

What is most rewarding is working in the best nightclubs, with the best people and the best clients in the best party town in the world. VIP work is different from regular hospitality service because it’s partying, but custom-made.

Check out a tour of the Palms Casino Resort VIP rooms!

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