Battle After Show: Amber Opens Up About Voting for Natalie, Everyone Talks Paula's Perfect Ass

By Oxygen

Last night's Bad Girls Battle After Show starts out with Paula telling Amber she played the game all wrong by secretly voting for Natalie. "Snakes never win," says Paula. Amber opens up by saying she's not a shady person in real life.

"I don't like to f*ck over my friends," says Amber. "I tried to not be me. I thought I needed to play the game in a certain way. And it ended up biting me in the ass." 

Speaking of asses, Amber attempts to get Paula to do a booty shake on camera. "I don't know if you can tell this on television," says Amber. "But Paula has the absolute best ass I've ever seen." Judging by the comments, fans could not agree more. While Paula refuses to show it off, she talks about the exercises needed to attain such physical perfection. 

Speaking further of asses and things that asses do, listen to Amber's "ghost poop" story around the 25:55 mark. It's both gross and amusing. Amber is a true storyteller. 

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