Bonus Video: The Bad Girls Put Their Twitter Knowledge to the Test

By Lauren Zupkus

Twitter beef was a running issue amongst the Bad Girls on this season of All Star Battle. Right from the jump, some Bad Girls came into the house with vendettas against the others, and they hadn't even met in person before! Rumors were flying about Natalie constantly using social media as a weapon against her housemates. At the reunion, Danni admitted that their harsh tweets got a little out of control. In this bonus video, Ray J puts the Bad Girls' Twitter knowledge to the test, enticing them with $500 to figure out who said what. You'll have fun playing along with this trivia game. Check it out in the video, and be careful what you tweet, y'all! 

Tune into the Bad Girls Club 11 Casting Special, hosted by Natalie and Camilla, on Tuesday at 8/7c!


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