Deep Dive: The Great "Jenn is a Stripper" Debate

By Oxygen

Last week on Bad Girls All Star Battledrama ensued when Flo called Jenniffer a "stripper" behind her back, but Jenn wound up hitting the pole at the club with no shame in her game. Let's take a deep dive into this issue, shall we? 

It's well known that Jenn has experience as an exotic dancer, and though she mentions in Episode 5 of All Star Battle that it's part of her "past," she can't deny that bills were thrown not long ago at the BGC Atlanta Reunion when she pulled this off:  



That being said, thus far Jenn has certainly played the game insanely well, beasting the Captain's Challenges and being a clutch team player. So are the girls just hating on Jenn because they're jealous of her? Isn't there more to concentrate on than the seemingly irrelevant fact that she strips?

Danni is probably Jenn's harshest critic in the game. In this interview, not only does she insult Jenn for being a stripper, but she goes HAM on basically everything about Jenn...from her "fake boobs" down to her "hairy kneecaps." She said it, not me people! Take a look in the video: 


Next we have Julie, who is extremely complimentary of Jenn's bangin' bod and of the stripper profession in general. Unlike Danni, Julie's only beef with Jenn is that she's a bit hypocritical for flipping out over Flo's comment and then strutting her stuff on the pole later that night at the club. Hear her out:  


Last but not least, of course Miss Natalie Nunn has an opinion on the whole ordeal. But for once, she probably had the NICEST thing to say about her! Don't get me wrong... Natalie's commentary wasn't necessarily sugar-sweet, per say. But her argument is that if Jenn is going to work the pole as hard as she did, she might as well get paid for it. 


Now that you've heard from the Bad Girls, it's up to you to decide: is Jenn a huge hypocrite? Are the other girls just hating on her bangin' bod? Does the fact that she strips even relevant? Let us know in the comments! 

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