Flo's Exit Interview: "I'm Disappointed and Disgusted In Myself"

By Lauren Zupkus

If you thought Flo's exit interview was going to be anything short of soap-opera dramatic, where have you been during this season of Bad Girls All Star Battle? Since day one in the Battle House, Flo has schemed, lied, cried and popped off at anyone and anything in her way, so we knew she wasn't going to take her place as runner-up with a smile. Still holding back tears from the finale challenge, Flo looks into the camera and says she has "no reason to be happy at all" because she lost. Probably the only unexpected thing in this interview is that--instead of bashing Jenn-- Flo places all the blame and disappointment on herself, and reasons that Jenn may need the money a little more than she does. Interesting. Take a look. 

Tune into Part One of the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Reunion Tuesday July 16 at 8/7c. 


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