Good Housekeeping with the Bad Girls

In Episode 6 of All Star Battle, we saw some grade-A examples of Bad Girl housekeeping -- from making the bed, to enhancing bathroom ambience, all the way to experimenting with colorful cuisines. The Bad Girls truly showed their domestic stripes in this episode, so we made a roundup of the highlights. Scroll down for the goods.


Judi's Tossed Fruit Salad

Judi's tossed fruit salad is best served drunk, and there's plenty of room for substitutions. Bananas, cereal, puppies -- basically anything with mass will suffice for this delicacy. 


Flo's 2-Step Bed-Making Method


Are you always in a rush in the morning? Do you only have six seconds to get ready and commence to popping off with the nearest ho? Flo's bed-making method is for you. Just 1) Throw the duvet 2) Walk away. 


Judi's Home Decor



To decorate like Judi, it's all about abstraction. Take the painting OFF the wall. Remove the chair FROM its place and put it somewhere RANDOM. For added flourish, start crying. 


Gabi's Bathroom Rules


It's important to establish boundaries in the bathroom. In Gabi's case, the number 1 rule is "always throw up." In Episode 6, the twin faithfully obeys the signage after a night of drinking. 


Packing with Flo [embed:render:file::full]

When you're as mobile as Flo and switching teams every week, it's important to be able to pack efficiently. The best way to GTFO is the Giant F***ing Wad method, as seen above. You'll be out of there in no time!


Judi's E-Z Dishwasher  


Drink, Rinse, Repeat. 


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