Poll Time! Are You Team Purple or Team Pink?

By Lauren Zupkus


The premiere of Bad Girls All Star Battle gave us flashbacks to the worst part of high school gym class: picking teams. And with the egos as sky high as their heels, it'll certainly be interesting to see these divas attempt to be team players. Click to weigh in on our poll: will Team Pink or Team Purple rise to the top?

<fontcolor=purple>TEAM PURPLE:

Mehgan* Natalie*  Danni* Erika*  Rocky * Jenniffer*  Stasi* 


Julie*  Flo*  Gabi*  Shannon* Paula  Judi* Amber*

 And remember Bad Girls, there's no "I" in team! 


Watch 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Tuesdays at 8/7c!


In Case You Missed It... Watch the Premiere of 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Here! 

Rawr... Mehgan's Exit Interview!

Attack of the All Star Battle GIFS!


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