Poll Time! Can You Tell the Victor Twins Apart?

By Lauren Zupkus


We love our jobs, but sometimes being a Bad Girls Club blogger ain't easy. Distinguishing who popped off at who first, which Bad Girls are BFFs and which are sworn enemies, and keeping up with the girls' ever-changing weaves can get exhausting. But probably the most difficult task we face day-to-day is: WHICH VICTOR TWIN IS THAT?! Now that Danni and Gabi have both made it to the final four on All Star Battle and the pink and purple team outfits are long gone, it's a daily STRUGGLE trying to get it right. But maybe you Bad Girls superfans have no problem telling the two apart (and could pass some helpful tips along to our Editorial team!) 

So here's what we DO know. Danni has a tattoo on her shoulder... 


... And Gabi has one on her arm. 


And yeah, that's pretty much all we got. So help us out! Leave a comment, and don't forget to vote in the poll!

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