Sneak Peek: "Recipe for Disaster"

By Lauren Zupkus

In this sneak peek of the Bad Girls All Star Battle finale, we pick up where we left off at the end of Episode 7, with Jenn and Flo in the midst of a pop-off. Flo continues to attack Flo for "playing her," which confuses the hell out of Jenniffer considering Natalie is the one who got sent home. Things get so heated between the Bad Girls that security pulls them apart, but not before Jenn takes out her anger on some of the Battle house furniture. This late in the game, there's no sense in swinging on each other and jeopordizing a spot in the house. While Flo is sent to the hospital for her ankle and shoulder injuries, remaning three Danni, Gabi and Jenn plot to oust Flo once and for all. Check it out in this sneak peek of the finale. 

Tune into the finale of Bad Girls All Star Battle Tuesday at 8/7c! 


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