Top 15 Moments of the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Reunion

The first season of Bad Girls All Star Battle was nothing short of insane, and we knew the two-part reunion special wouldn't disappoint either. For some Bad Girls, the reunion was simply a place to turn up and pop bottles in the dressing room (ahem, Julie and Judi.) For others, it was a place to finally settle the score on all the backstabbing, lying and cheating that went down during the season. We put together a gallery of the top 15 moments of the reunion: from the pop-offs and insults to the funny-- and dare we say heartwarming-- moments. Check it out. 


Top 50 Moments of Bad Girls All Star Battle

Here's What Happened on Part 2 of the Reunion 

Here's What Happened on Part 1 of the Reunion 

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