Top 15 Moments of the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Reunion

By Lauren Zupkus

The first season of Bad Girls All Star Battle was nothing short of insane, and we knew the two-part reunion special wouldn't disappoint either. For some Bad Girls, the reunion was simply a place to turn up and pop bottles in the dressing room (ahem, Julie and Judi.) For others, it was a place to finally settle the score on all the backstabbing, lying and cheating that went down during the season. We put together a gallery of the top 15 moments of the reunion: from the pop-offs and insults to the funny-- and dare we say heartwarming-- moments. Check it out. 


Top 50 Moments of Bad Girls All Star Battle

Here's What Happened on Part 2 of the Reunion 

Here's What Happened on Part 1 of the Reunion 

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