What Your Bad Girl All Star Crush Says About You

By Oxygen

Throughout 10 seasons of Bad Girls Club, you've seen a lot of booty shaking, partying and pop offs. Along the way, you have probably developed a crush or two on Oxygen's most adorable (and outlandish) personalities. No, say you? Please! Admit it. Roll with it. It's okay for a guy (or a lady who likes ladies) to get cheap thrills from Shannon swimming laps in the pool or Erika's "Pretty Girl Bounce." 

Just make sure to find out what your crushes say about you. This is an important opportunity to learn valuable insight as to your own character and disposition. The 14 girls included in this guide will all duke it out in Bad Girls All Star Battle, premiering May 21. Full disclosure: This feature is entirely ripped off from a post on VH1 Celebrity by Meghan O'Keefe. (Thanks Meghan.) 

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