Who's the Baddest Bad Girl? Judi vs. The Twins

By Lauren Zupkus


In this week's All Star Battle poll, we present to you Miss Judi Drinks-a-Lot and the double trouble that is Bad Girl twins Danni and Gabi. Hear each case, and then decide: who's the baddest?

The Case for Judi: 

Judi's got the voo-doo for you bitches. She can and will drink any Bad Girl under the table. Since she's the life of the party, most of the Bad Girls get down with Judi and she's constantly begged to join alliances. It's obvious she's a force to be reckoned with, even if she does burst out into tears every once in a while. 

The Case for the Twins:

Danni and Gabi may not be the toughest girls on All Star Battle, but there's no arguing that their sisterly bond is unbreakable. Despite various attempts from the other girls in the Battle house, the twins have managed to make it this far in the competition without getting split up. Two is better than one, they say, and they dish out double the attitude nonstop. 

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