All's Fair in Love and Battle: Ray J Recaps 'All Star Battle' Episode 7

By Ray J

It’s Episode 7, and it’s time for the Bad Girls Pentathlon! All the Bad Girl skills were put to the test, including hurdles in heels, long distance luggage tossing, twerking as fast as possible, and of course, makin’ it rain! The Olympics have nothing on the Bad Girls Pentathlon.

It’s official. Rocky is a beast. Her injury didn’t seem to have any impact on her performance, and she swept the entire event…even the twerk-off! She isn’t even nearly as curvy as some of the other girls!  But that’s what makes Rocky such a tough competitor: she overcomes everything to win, even her own build. And now, she has the power to eliminate two girls. So watch out!

Elease is Rocky’s top competitor, so she was a given for nomination. Nobody knew who else Rocky would put up though, even Rocky didn’t seem to know…that is, until Nancy blew up at her in the club. Apparently some guys were throwing money at the girls, and Rocky started collecting it. Nancy thought Rocky was stealing her share. For real though, there seemed to be plenty of cash to go around. Did you see the piles of dollars on that stage? And Nancy was not acting in good judgment to yell at the Bad Girl with elimination power.

Nancy is real passionate though, and one thing you can say about her: she doesn’t know how to be fake. She follows her gut, even if she’s “supposed to be” sucking up to someone. You gotta admire her for that. But, it did land her in the elimination round along with Elease.

Lucky for Nancy though, Elease had tons of enemies. Even though teams don’t exist anymore, girls from The Red Team still felt like she betrayed them earlier in the season. She was voted off in a landslide, and even though she went real hard til the bitter end, she seemed pretty relieved to get out of there. She had been the center of so much drama all season long and she’s such a calm, cool chick, and she didn’t even need the money as much as the other girls. So, while her fans will definitely miss her, it was kind of for the best in a way.

Things only get crazier from here!  See you next week! 

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