Bad Girl Revenge: Ray J Recaps 'All Star Battle' Episode 6

By Ray J

We’re getting down to the wire on All Star Battle, and this week, all kinds of twists were added to throw off the competition. For starters, there are no teams anymore: every Bad Girl for herself! Then, we threw in a little Bad Girl Revenge at the end, which allowed a third girl to go up for elimination. In the end, two of them wound up going home…and they didn’t exactly go quietly.

The Captain’s Challenge had a surprise ending. We thought it was all about strength, but in the end, brains won out  The girls had to toss rubber balls into bins on opposite ends of a pit, all while being harnessed together. Most of the time, the bigger girl would just drag the smaller girl kicking and screaming. But Mehgan, who was only recently hospitalized for back injuries, pulled a really smart move and stole Shelly’s ball. Little Mehgan beat the beast Shelly! She won the challenge, immunity, and the sole power to put up two girls for elimination. I was real happy for Mehgan at that point because she had been down about her injury and we were all worried for her. Not anymore though!

Her winning had a lot of consequences for the rest of the girls. If you ever crossed Mehgan in the past, you were pretty much done. Camilla and Rocky were put up for just reason. But, that wasn’t the end of it. The rest of the girls got to take out Bad Girl Revenge and put up one more competitor for elimination, without Mehgan’s vote. They chose Mehgan’s alliance, Janelle. Revenge was had.

So now we’ve got Rocky, Camilla and Janelle all up for elimination, and two of them would be voted off. This was definitely the most heated elimination so far.

Janelle was voted off first, and she left quickly and gracefully. I liked Janelle, and thought she fought real hard all competition even though she was smaller. She had a positive attitude, so I was sorry to see her go (doesn’t mean I’m biased! Just saying the girl was nice!).

When Camilla was eliminated on the other hand, she popped off …specifically on Elease for voting against her. Camilla straight up walked behind her and pulled her off her seat by her weave! None of us saw that coming, especially not Elease. Hey, I stay out of the drama, but there’s no doubt Camilla went out with a bang.  

Til next time!

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