Lies and Betrayal: Ray J Recaps 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Episode 3

By Ray J

The competition is really heating up now! This week the girls had to use their brains instead of their brawn in the Captain’s Challenge. Elease betrayed her team…then she betrayed the other team. After some more lies and betrayal, Amy went home. Just another day on Bad Girls All Star Battle!

The Captain’s Challenge was the first of its kind: a trivia and spelling challenge. If a girl got something wrong, not only was she tossed from the challenge…she was soaked in cow blood and cow brains. That was a little nasty for my taste, not gonna lie. I had to keep a good judge’s face on, but it turned my stomach a little!   

Janelle won the challenge for The Gold Team. She’s always been a bit of an underdog, so I thought it was cool that she found her strength. (Honestly, I’m not sure I would have spelled “Lamborghini” right, so props to her!) The Red Team was funny. Rocky, come on now, you can’t spell Chanel? I thought that was surprising, but that’s why this challenge was so fun to watch: you never see Bad Girls spell anything, so you never know who’s going to come out on top! In the end, Elease wound up winning for the Red Team with “limousine.”

Then came the Team Challenge. I couldn’t believe how hard this one was. The teams were suspended in the air really high up, and they had to try to untangle the braided ropes that were holding them. It required a lot of communication, focus, and cool under pressure. It’s one thing to do that stuff on the ground, but dealing with the height, the swinging ropes, being so close together like that – even a pro-climber would get stressed out!

The Red Team won, which caused all sorts of problems. In the last episode, Elease told The Gold Team that she would throw the challenge, which was why they spared her in elimination. But, she didn’t wind up throwing the challenge, which pissed off Camilla, her friend and secret ally. So, Camilla threw Elease’s purse in the pool, a real Bad Girl solution!

Unfortunately, it didn’t solve anything. The Gold Team still had to put up two girls for elimination, while The Red Team got to go out and party. That’s how it is!

However, The Gold Team did get something out of the loss. Rocky wound up busting her leg at the club. Since most of the girls consider her a threat, her injury might change the course of the competition.

The Gold Team chose to put up Amy for elimination in order to break up her alliance with Camilla. Valentina was put up, it seems, for personal reasons.  Nancy still had “unfinished business” with Valentina from Season 10, which is reason enough to vote someone off All Star Battle.

Amy was mad that she was put up for elimination, but when she was voted off, she handled it pretty gracefully. She told the Bad Girls that they need to be loyal, but that’s a bit like telling a fish to give up the water, right?

Until next time! 

Tune in for an all new episode of 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Tuesday at 8/7c!

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