Nancy's Exit Interview: "I Wasn't Surprised...Just a Little Bitter"

By Oxygen

Nancy didn't leave Battle quietly. She didn't exactly pull a Camilla and tug anyone off her chair by the weave, but she might as well have! She dropped a lot of Red Team hate on her way out, accusing them of helping Rocky win. One thing you can say about Nancy in this competition: she fought hard, and she never sugarcoated a thing! What does she have to say now? Scroll down to read her full exit interview! 

What have you been up to since filming All Star Battle Season 2?

Since BGCASB I've been doing a lot of radio and club hosting still striving for 100k no matter what... 

How did you feel about getting voted off? Why do you think the other girls voted you off?

I was really salty. I recognized the Red Team's plan immediately, so I wasn't surprised -- just a little bitter. I felt I played fair so I would stay based on performance.

Whats the deal with you and Camilla these days?

Me and Cam are cool chicks that hang -- we're not into being a couple!!! We're Bad Girls, we turn up -- but that's about it.

If you could have stayed on board – what could you have contributed to the competition?

I really wanted to have like a "to the death battle" or something dramatic like that! I definitely would have gone hard.

Would you have done anything differently this season, if you could go back?

I woulda been more strategic and more self-aware of my attitude, and more reserved which is hard because I'm not much of a reserved person!

What’s next for you?

I do a lot of hosting and I'm still trying to maintain on the entertainment side of things. I'm looking into castings this spring and I'm always looking for new and open opportunities! 

Watch Nancy's exit interview below!

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