Q&A with Alicia: "Beast Mode Baby!"


Just call her Julie Ofcharsky, because Alicia is coming into Season 2 guns blazing. The Season 10 instigator is thinner, more confident, and ready to tackle the physical and mental challenges of All Star Battle 2. Scroll down to read what transformed Alicia into the beast you see before you!

What made you want to get on Battle Season 2?

Well, at first I was not thrilled about the idea honestly. I mean Bad Girls Club really messed up my mind!! I didn't think I could handle another reality show. But, then I thought..,well why not? I'm a completely different person..."I want the world to see me!"were my thoughts exactly. So, after speaking with my amazing manager, we decided that it was time to show these girls what BEAST MODE is! They give Bad Girls a horrible name. I was ready to go in there and show them what a real Bad Girl does...and being bad won't get you very far!!

Do you feel like you’ve changed since the last time you were on BGC?

You are going to see a new side, top, bottom and everything in between...that's exactly what you're gonna see! I'm walking in not only looking different, but truly being different. Out with the old in with the new. Alicia the redhead from Season 10 isn't going to be the one you see! You are about to witness the girl that is changing the game! Brunette with a touch of highlights, 20 pounds smaller, and my style...oh please baby its still there, just more refined! #BOOM Alicia Samaan is back! I am happier and more positive than ever before! I found God...and he has my back no matter what!

Was it weird seeing some of the people from your BGC season again?

Totally not weird. I wasn't surprised, I was actually super happy. I had some unfinished business to handle, and I knew this was the time to let it all out!  

What did you do to prepare for the season?

Beast mode baby! I actually had been working out for months, then I decided to team up with the famous Rudy Ruettiger for some real hardcore training. He had me working sledgehammers, flipping tires, lifting weights...it was insane but prepared me soooo much. I was physically unstoppable! 

Tell us three fun facts about yourself that BGC fans didn’t know.

I'm totally obsessed with working out. Sweat is my addiction.

I dance around my room in my underwear every morning when Iwake up.

I go to church every Sunday with my dad, oh and #boom is my new favorite word.

Tune into a new episode of 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Season 2, Tuesday at 8/7c!

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