Sneak Peek: Jela Is Coming For You (Video!)

Y'all are petty broke b*tches #BGC14

Tonight, on Part 2 of the BGC Reunion, Jela comes to the stage with guns blazing—and reminds us all of this award winning tweet:

As we all know, #TeamClerMinah was not super happy when #TeamEveryoneElse destroyed all of their (super expensive) stuff. "When you go to work and you out there and you paying for shit with your own money, you work for everything you have,” explains Jela. “So when someone destroys your sh*t, you’re going to feel a particular type of way too."

Even Jas thinks she has a point, admitting that her team went too far. Then Jela says that Jas was kissing her ass all season long... and she has the lip prints to prove it. We don't know how she can prove that, but we sure want to find out.

Tune in to Part 2 of the BGC Reunion tonight at 8/7c!

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