8 Reasons To Watch Episode 9!

By Lindsay Hahn

Hip hip hooray! What better way to celebrate a SO new episode of "Bad Girls Club" than with a partaayyy? There might be a few blowouts in episode 9, and we aren't just talking about Alicia's birthday candles. Check out our eight reasons to watch tonight at 8/7c, and don't forget to chat live with Stephanie during Oxylive!


8. New Girl Nancy

Get excited! Tonight, the ladies of the house finally meet Jenniffer's replacement, Nancy. Fun fact about the newbie: Nancy's dad was 72 when she was born! Looking forward to some catty, super-offensive insults from the ladies of the house.


7. Cute Costumes

In anticipation of Alicia's birthday celebration, the Bad Girls venture to a local costume shop. How does Stephanie manage to look adorable in everything she wears? In the end, she opts for a sexy cop costume instead of the floppy puppy gear, but hey, we can't blame this stripper from showing off her bangin' bod!


6. Team ShaNanRock?

It takes approximately 2.5 seconds before ShanRock tries to recruit the new girl to join their "team." A vulnerable Bad Girl might easily be persuaded to take sides, but will Nancy opt to take a more neutral approach when ish hits the fan? Tune in tonight at 8/7c to find out!


5. Wardrobe Malfunction

Talk about a bad first impression! Nancy's first night of partying goes from fun to fail when she has a gross wardrobe malfunction at the club. Luckily, Valentina leaps in to save the day. 


4. Birthday Blowout

What does a Bad Girl wish for on her birthday? Presents, partying and NO pop offs! Queen of hearts, Alicia, naively thinks Valentina will keep cool during her birthday weekend. Sadly, we all know from experience that things can get "Rocky" after a drunken night. 

3. ShanRock Goes Solo

Cheers! During Alicia's birthday weekend, Team ShanRock decides to go solo. We love that these girls get fancy, even for a night of casual drinking. Nothing can break apart these BFFs...right?

2. Limo Letdown

From drinking to drama, things quickly spiral out of control on the limo ride home. Raquel finally confronts Shannon about her approval-seeking from the "mean" girls of the house. Shannon may have a tough exterior, but inside she is definitely a softie. 

1. Playful Pop Off?

It wouldn't be the Bad Girls Club without a nightly pop off. Shannon may look like she's having a good time but things are about to get real! Get ready to feel the wrath of V

Watch the drama unfold on "Bad Girls Club" tonight at 8/7c, only on Oxygen.

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