Attention BGC 11! Read These Survival Tips from Bad Girls OGs

By Oxygen

Surviving the BGC house isn't easy. The drama is real -- and if you're not ready, it can break you. To prep the Season 11 Miami girls for the road ahead, three old pros are offering some advice...and some mudslinging toward the Miami cast. Here are some tips from Judi, Mehgan and Natalie.

Mehgan: "Rule number 1.) Never TRUST a HO. For example, when Mylin walks in the house RUNNNN!!!!!!!!"  

Judi: "I would tell them to follow their heart, never forget who they are inside because it's very easy to lose yourself. Be honest, and most of all have the time if your life with no apologies!"

Natalie: "Hope you guys had fun and the experience was just as crazy as what's to come. Get ready for the ride. It's going to be bumpy. but in the end as long as you stay true to yourself and strong you will be alright. Just remember you are who you are and your life is your REALITY. People will judge people will say mean things, ignore the S*** TALKING, and remind people: as long as you're talking about me, thats all that matters. =) Also, make sure you continue to stand by what you did ... there will always be times when you say man I wish I didn't do that... but OWN IT... it's out there. it aired there's nothing you can do now.  SO OWN IT. AND LIVE OUT LOUD BABY!"

Sound advice or bunk? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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