Do as the Greeks Do

By Maisie Bornstein

Here's the tracklist from the latest episode. Click to find the songs!

1. Glow Marrow, "Braver Days"
2. Schoolboy, "Top Of The World"
3. J. Real Tha Legend, "I Am A Star"
4. Ken Flagg, "She-Rah Has Arrived"
5. Bean, "Let's Go"
6. Squeak E. Clean, "Never Stop"
7. Jay Love Baby, "Sweaty Dance"
8. Kaero (PM), "Bad Gurl"
9. Danica Rozelle, "Fancy"

Oh yeah, and we made a Spotify playlist (updated weekly.) Go and get your groove on, we made it easy: 

The Season 10 FINALE is Tuesday Apr 23 @ 8/7c!


Bad Girls All Star Battle is Coming May 21 @ 9/8c

Watch an Episode 13 Bonus Video

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