Here's What Happened on BGC Episode 12! (PHOTOS)

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We pick up where we left off: total freaking bedlam! starring screaming Nancy, instigating Valentina, “randomly involved” Alicia, off-guard Rocky and big talking Shannon. Together, they are a blur of fists, security guards and – if you’ll recall from Episode 11 – petroleum jelly.

The fight gets so bad, a Bad Girls Club: Atlanta producer steps in to break it up. She chastises the Bad Girls for their behavior, and we all feel chastised for enjoying their behavior.  All around, it’s sort of confusing to see a grown-up on the show.

Instead of throwing anyone out of the house, the producer tells Nancy and Valentina to leave for the night and cool off. They obey, but that leaves poor Alicia saddled with all of ShanRock’s revenge…and the revenge ain’t pretty. It’s also very EARLY. Is that the freaking sun?

Meanwhile, Team Neutral member Stephanie makes out with her man Andre in public. It’s gross/cute, but bottom line: Stephanie is running out of bisexual cred.

…which is why she has sex with Nancy in the shower….

…which is why Nancy shows her jealous stripes…

…And why roommate Valentina shows her pervy stripes.

Meanwhile, ShanRock finds a random guy in a bar and bleeds him for money. The scene isn’t easy on the stomach, but the guy does wind up handing Shannon $100 in exchange for some pretty PG-13 stuff. Yay?

Later, Rocky talks to Nancy about their recent fight, and tries to make up with her. They hug, but Nancy remains uncertain who to believe.

We asked you the viewers who Nancy should believe, and you voted for ShanRock. What do you think now?

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