Here's What Happened on BGC Episode 13 (PHOTOS!)

By Oxygen

In Episode 13, the ladies got a break from all the tension and took a swanky trip to Greece! Instead of popping off, they dove into the lovely waters of Mykonos. Instead of pulling each others' weaves, they played Tug o' Weave in the Greek Games.

But, there was plenty of drama. Shannon keeps ditching Rocky to land rich men, Alicia and Rocky still hate each other -- and Stephanie and Nancy get into some nasty stuff in Confessional.

Flip through photos above to see what happened on Episode 13: Greece Up, Get Down!

Only one episode left in the season...tune in Tuesday at 8/7c for the finale!


Bad Girls Club is Casting for Season 12!

Watch Rocky walking in on Nancy and Stephanie getting it on!

In Case You Missed It... Watch Episode 9!

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