Janae's Many Cry Faces

By Lindsay Hahn

Poor Janae! This girl just wasn't ready for the wrath of the Bad Girls Club. In honor of Janae getting kicked to the curb, let's take a walk down memory lane. Join us as we revisit Janae's infinite crying moments from the first and second episodes. Valentina also shares some parting words. Take a look!

After Janae's crazy drunken antics, she doesn't understand why the house doesn't like her. Bring on the water works.

The mascara continues to run after Janae pops off with Valentina.

Ew, someone get this girl a tissue. How does this even happen?! #snotgalore

Janae contemplates how long she can last in the mansion. Come on girl, turn that frown upside down.

The tears continue...they never end...

On a final note:

Can't get enough of Janae's crying faces, check out our gallery for more pictures!

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