The Top 3 WTF Moments from Episode 11

This week’s episode of Bad Girls Club had quite a few nasty, WTF moments. Let’s discuss!

3. Hooking up in the skating rink

Silly me, I thought skating rinks were for, uh, skating. Maybe sometimes even the Hokey Pokey or the chicken dance. For new lesbian Rocky and her plaything Rice, the skating rink is also for getting it on. And not just the “let’s squeeze in a quick kiss,” but rather “Let me simulate riding a motorcycle on top of you.” 

2. Brokedown Sugar Daddies

All season we’ve heard Shannon brag about Mr. Yes. Well, he’s finally coming to the house and Shannon is excited because that means there will be “Presidentials” and “ice.”  So he arrives and actually looks like Mr. Oh My God No! And despite his gold teeth, I imagine the only President he knows is Washington, and maybe Lincoln on occasion.

1. Hooking up with Brokedown Sugar Daddies in front of your roommates

If I had a Washington for every time one of the girls mentioned they were starving for peen I’d be able to hang out with Shannon and her Presidential crowd. So this week as we know, Mr. Yes is in town, as is Rocky’s boy Moses. And these girls want their sausage and they want it now! So they start grinding on their men in front of their disgusted roommates. Alicia remarks that she is going to get sick. Me too Alicia. Me too.

So there you have it. You have learned three important ways in how not to behave in public!

Till next week—

Liz Out Loud


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