Bonus Videos: "Dear Mimi, I Can't Trust You..." Xoxo, Jazmone

By Lauren Zupkus

Compared to the more outspoken, attention-seeking Bad Girls (ahem, Milyn and SarahJazMone has kept it pretty low key. She's great at sitting pretty, but what's going on in that head of hers? In these two bonus videos, she tells us how she really feels about loudmouth Milyn. First, she and Sarah hit the confessional, where JazMone "writes" a hilarious verbal letter starting with "Dear Mimi..." and goes on to say that Milyn should stop trying so hard. In another bonus video, she dishes to Teresa that she just can't trust Milyn or even have a real conversation with her. So THAT'S what JazMone was holding back. Check out both videos, and remember: it's always the quiet ones!

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