Bonus Videos: Teresa the Therapist

By Lauren Zupkus

We knew the Bad Girls Club was kind of a loony bin, but who knew it was equipped with a resident psychologist? There's something about Teresa that makes the other girls just want to vent to her. Maybe it's Teresa's chest piece tattoo of hands prying out a bleeding, broken heart that tips the other girls off that she's been through some hardcore sh*t. Since she usually takes a backseat to the drama (sans the drunken limo escapade) the tattooed beauty queen is always ready to lend her ear and give her perspective. In these bonus scenes, Teresa plays therapist as some of the Bad Girls open up. After a rough breakup with her boyfriend Ronnie, Tiana hits the club but isn't quite feeling herself. Teresa helps talk Tiana through it and shares some advice with her. In another video, Janelle, already the odd girl out in the house, has a heart-to-heart sesh with Teresa by the jacuzzi. Check out the videos. 

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