Seriously, Is Everyone Bisexual? (Poll!)


When the Bad Girls aren't wrestling, yelling, or locking each other in phone rooms... they're making out. Even if they don't come out as bi in the beginning of the season (which most of them do), they often leave the Bad Girls house swinging both ways with a vengeance. Is there something in the mansion water, or is EVERYONE BI? 

It's an age-old question, really, one posed by Freud in the 20s. We're all born bi, he says, then we tend to pick a direction based on signals we learn in life. Could it be that the Bad Girls are more enlightened, more in touch with their inner bi selves than boring mono-sexual people? Could it be that, despite all evidence to the contrary... that they're actually evolved beings?

OR are they so wasted they'd be content to make out with lampposts? 

What do YOU think? 

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