She Said/She Said: Are the Replacements Stronger? VOTE!

By Lauren Zupkus


Most of the drama in Episode 2 stemmed from a comment that Gina made in the makeup room. When Gina was tipsy on tequila, she blurted out that, "Replacements are stronger because weak girls get kicked out really fast and it wouldn't be the same [without replacements.]" Sarah was NOT happy to hear this, and even after Gigi apologized for what she said, Sarah just didn't let it go. Read what Sarah and Gina had to say for themselves. Then, cast your vote. Are replacements really stronger? Should Sarah just let it go? Let us know in our poll! 

We already know about Gigi's comment. Now read what the ladies said afterwards: 

Sarah: Gigi came into the house being all insecure, saying she didn't understand why she was a replacement and not an original. Then she says replacements are stronger. Everyone gave her a bad look in the makeup room, except Steph who wasn't in there. I was the only one, like usual, who said something!

Gina: Maybe I did say that, and it came out wrong. I'm sorry if I offended anybody. That was not my intent. I don't think I'm stronger than anybody.

Now YOU weigh in below!

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