Sneak Peek: "Set Some S*** On Fire!"

By Oxygen

New girl Hailey got quite the memorable welcome last week to the BGC: Miami house. Not only did all the girls jump her at once, but they threw her clothes into the pool! Now that she's sober, she's making Mercedies feel pretty bad about her participation in the bullying. "Me and my mom work hard to have the things that we have," Hailey says. "I f**** up, I get it, you already wooped my ass, what else do you want from me?" Mercedies feels the guilt hard, but Hailey's mom isn't going to let any of it slide. "Set some s*** on fire!" she advises her daughter over the phone...and that's only the G-rated part. Watch the Sneak Peek!

Tune into the 'BGC: Miami' Finale tomorrow at 8/7c!

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