Sneak Peek: Shanae's Upset! Call the Waaambulance!

By Oxygen

Wai-wai-wai-wai-WAIT a the Fab 4 taking a shining to new girl Andrea all of a sudden? Apparently there's been a serious change of heart since the last episode, and everyone's 'meh' about it except for Shanae. The same Shanae who was so happy to be part of the cool group is now feeling a smidge betrayed...but nobody's taking her side. In fact, the Fab 4 retaliates with a very insincere "Awww...Shanae's upset," and "This is the Bad Girls Club, not the Babysitters Club!" Will Shanae or Andrea make it to the end? Tune in Tuesday at 8/7c and place your bets! In the meantime, enjoy the Sneak Peek.

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