Follow-Up With Blu: "I'm Ready to Commit To Jenn"

By Oxygen

Every BGC fan has an opinion about Blu and Jenn's cross-season, cross-country relationship. But what's really going on between these two lovebirds? We asked Blu what their relationship is like from the inside, what her relationship is like with Jenn's daughter Emmy... and if Blu is finally giving up her old ways! The full Q&A below!

What's a day in the life of Blu and Jenn like?

When I'm in St. Louis, it's hard. Facetiming gets old, so I spend months a time in L.A. with her and it's pure craziness. One minute we're cool, the next, one if us does or says some dumb stuff and makes the other mad. But, before it gets to upsetting Emmy does something cute and funny which completely lightens up the mood.

How did you meet?

We flirted on Twitter texted for a minute, then linked up in L.A. a while back. We have been talking ever since.

Are you close with her beautiful child?

Yes I LOVE that kid. She's so smart and cute. Of course, I love Jenn and her child is a part of her, so it was an automatic love. However, Emmy managed to personally grow on me. If Jenn and I ever stop talking, I'll ALWAYS have a relationship with Emmy as long as she allows. She has a father and a GREAT mother. I could never fill those shoes and I'm not trying to, I'm just another person that loves the amazing kid.

What's the best part about being together?

Despite whatever, when we're around each other, we have fun laughing, joking, and making one another smile. 

What's a pet peeve you have of Jenn?  

She do sh** so backwards and doesn't like asking for help -- as if I'm not right there! We'll all be in the car and instead of asking me to hand Emmy her cup, she'll pull over and do it. She's used to being independent but it irks.

How serious are you guys?

Jenn and I are very serious. It's real life over here. If I go missing, she did it! Lol! But I'm kinda living in L.A. with her, so yeah it's pretty serious.

Do you realize that fans love you as a couple?  

We both know fans will love you or hate you. So, I personally didn't realize it. I see "Jenn shouldn't date Blu she's a player" more than anything, but I do see some people that say they like us. One thing's for sure: we have to be very strong with each other and this relationship, since we have to hear so many different opinions about it.

What's next for you both personally?

She just relocated to L.A. and is in the process of opening her business and making different things happen. Jenn's a mover and shaker. She might BS some stuff but when it comes to Emmy and business she don't play!

I'm back and forth between St. Louis, bookings, and L.A.. I'm just trying to push our youth in a positive direction with a positive voice. I'm also trying to take my modeling a little more seriously.

Are you ready to commit with Jenn (you said you weren't ready to commit on BGC12)

That's a main issue we're dealing with. I still move around like I'm single and she stays checking me. I'm not wanting to lose her, so I'm ready to commit to Jenn -- but I know I got to get my sh** together. She thinks I need to be single during this time. Sometimes I feel she's right, but when I'm with her I'm like F that you're not going anywhere! I effortlessly do right when I'm WITH her but when I'm away I put forth a lot of effort to be good and it shouldn't be like that. One things for sure is I do NOT want to lose her.

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