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Bad Girl Mehgan James Will Star on 'Basketball Wives LA'

Bad Girl Mehgan James has a new TV gig. No, it's not a Bad Girls spin-off...it's VH1's Basketball Wives LA! We asked her a few questions about filming the show and what else she's been up to since her days on BGC. Read our exclusive Q&A, and catch her on Season 4, premiering in July. 


Was this your first time being on TV since BGC?

Yes! This is my first time being on TV since Bad Girls All Star Battle Season 2!

How did you get cast on the show?

I'm really good friends with cast member Jackie Christie and I also used to date a basketball player [ex-Celtics, Cavs, and 76ers player Kedrick Brown...NOT Quincy Miller as reported by several outlets]... so it kind of fell into my lap.

What was the best part about filming?

The best part about filming is that it actually felt like a job. After filming I was able to come home and relax instead of being trapped in a house with six other girls.

Any funny stories from set?

One day I was in a rush to get on set because I woke up late and I had to get dressed in the car. I intended on wearing a pair of black ripped jeans. Lying in the laundry room were a pair of black jeans that I assumed were mine so I grabbed them and left. As I'm getting dressed in the car, I try to put on my jeans and they would not fit over my ass. Luckily I had on an oversize t-shirt. I had to complete the scene (which was a walk in the park) with my butt only being covered by the shirt!

Was there any drama on set?

Duh!!!! You'll have to tune in to see!!

Will we be seeing the Bad Girl side of Mehgan we all know-–or a different Mehgan?

You guys will be seeing a mixture. I've grown a lot since BGC and Basketball Wives will focus on me as an adult including new my entrepreneurial ventures and things that go on in my real life. I call myself the new and improved "clatchet " Mehgan. Clatchet = classy and ratchet. Lol!

Anything else you want to share about the show/ what else you are up to these days?

The season is going to be AWESOME and full of surprises. Currently I'm working on my underwear line "Fresh Pear" that's set to launch mid-June.

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